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Clarise Crafts specialises in custom-made polymer stamps for individuals or small businesses. These high quality, detailed stamps can be made in a range of sizes and are pre-mounted on clear acrylic stamping blocks so they are ready to use as soon as you receive. They can be used with any type and colour of craft ink and can be stamped onto anything from gift tags, paper bags, fabric labels, envelopes and more...


If you are a small business you can benefit from our wide range of design and print products, including logo and business card stamps, printed business stationery such as order, receipt, invoice, accounts books and gift vouchers as well as our professional design service.


As an individaul we can offer custom stamps suitable for charities, hobbyists, crafters, teachers and even couples planning their big day or moving home. Just get in touch with your ideas and we will be happy to make something especially for you!

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